Are We Funding Or Financing – Both

Funding is the act of providing financial resources, usually in the form of money, or other values such as effort or time, to finance a need, program, and project, usually by an organization or government.

Financing is the act of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing. Financial institutions and banks are in the business of financing as they provide capital to businesses, consumers and investors to help them achieve their goals.

With the increase in charter schools and the fact that public schools must provide charter schools with the funds they need to operate, the question arises, “Are we funding education or financing schools?”

The answer is, both.

Today, education advocates will meet with Senator Joe Robach to demand the equitable funding of public schools. Some of that funding will go towards financing charter schools in New York.

What’s the difference? The way charter schools are managed.

Charter School Business Management Inc., Accounting & financial services for charter schools is a B Corporation. “B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” CSBM now serves 45% of the charter market in New York City.

While taxpayers are funding public schools they are also financing private companies that profit from charter school proliferation. Charter schools my not siphon dollars away from public schools but they certainly draw money away from the education of children.

So, why are we wasting tax dollars on inefficient and ineffective public schools and spending tax dollars to support the profits of private companies when we can save money by changing the system of education to one that actually provides every child in America with an excellent education?

Because the lack of an excellent education traps our children in a lifetime of servitude to an ignorance that supports the control of a government led by “hedgehogs” that profit from the complacency of Americans who either vote along party lines or choose not to vote at all.

Knowledge is power and power belongs to the people.

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So Much Money – So Little Learning

NYSUT Media Relations article
Rolling in dough: Charters holding nearly $400 million in cash, audits show, reports:

“ALBANY, N.Y.  March 21, 2017 — Despite perpetual cries of poverty, New York’s charter schools are flush with cash, holding at least $394.6 million in reserves in their bank accounts — a sum that has ballooned by nearly $122 million in just two years, an analysis by New York State United Teachers showed today.

NYSUT’s new analysis of financial documents show that cash held by charters swelled from $272.9 million in June 2013 to $394.6 million in June 2015.  In addition, audits filed by charter management with their authorizers in late 2016 — the latest available — also reveal the charters examined have $451.1 million in unrestricted net assets, which could be used to fund student programs and, more pointedly, pay rent on school facilities. . .

The biggest hoarder of cash is the Roosevelt Children’s Academy Charter School on Long Island with $23.1 million.  The Riverhead Charter School on Long Island held $10.1 million in cash in June 2015, while the Academic Leadership Charter School in the Bronx had $10.2 million in cash.  In the greater Buffalo area, charter schools are holding more than $41 million in cash, while Albany’s charters have $9.9 million in cash reserves.
Eva Moskowitz’ Success Academy Charter Schools-NYC reported $4.4 million in cash — but siphoned away 15 percent of its own schools’ revenues — or $18.3 million — for corporate “management fees.””

While public and charter schools demand billions of taxpayer’s money for education our children still do not receive even an adequate education. The elites are lining their pockets with education dollars that support the mis-education of our children.

In both public and charter schools our children are being forced to adhere to an artificial norm whose intent is to create sub-groups of students that the public is convinced require special funding in order to be properly educated when, in fact, not even the so-called normal students are receiving and adequate education.

Our current dehumanizing system of education perpetuates the ignorance necessary for the continued control and complacency of the American people towards legislation and government spending.

We are paying dearly for the enslavement of our children.

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Don’t Be Bought By Billions

Jasmine Gripper of Alliance for Quality Education sent this message out:

“Last week, the Senate Majority abandoned its commitment to fully funding our schools. But something else happened in the New York State legislature last week — unlike their colleagues in the Senate, the Assembly Majority voted for a budget proposal that would make major progress toward addressing racial and economic inequality in our school funding system. . .

The Assembly’s proposal includes a full phase-in of the Foundation Aid formula starting with a $1.4 billion increase this year — nearly $1 billion more than Governor Cuomo’s proposal. It restores funding for community schools that was cut from Governor Cuomo’s budget. And it would put us on track to achieve truly universal pre-K in New York. . .

Under the leadership of Speaker Carl Heastie, the Assembly Majority is fighting to ensure that all children in New York State have access to a high-quality education.”

If our state and federal law makers were truly concerned with providing our children with a high-quality education they would fight for the Constitutional right of every child to receive a high-quality education.

Money now and in the past, has been promised to quell of fervor of constituents in an election year.

To persist in allowing the education of children to be a State’s right is to continue to allow the control of education to be in the hands of the “hedgehogs” who profit from the failure of certain sub-groups of children and the limited success of children who fit or are forced into their norms.

We cannot maintain the belief that more money will eliminate the dehumanizing conditions within our current system of education. We must not be satisfied with the promise of billions and ignore the reality of education that reduces our children to a monetary value ignoring the gifts and talents that all children possess.

The billions of dollars they promise is the price they are willing to pay the corporations that profit from the educational failure of our children.

Our children are more valuable than money. We must fight for their humanity.

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You Get What You Vote For

The dark message of Donald Trump’s budget, published in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 16, 2017 stated:

“A budget, according to political axiom, is a statement of values, and President Trump’s first spending plan is more of a statement than most. . .

The State Department and Environmental Protection Agency would both lose more than a quarter of their budgets. The departments of Health and Human Services, Education, Agriculture, the Interior, Transportation, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Commerce would all sustain cuts ranging from 12 to 21 percent. . .

Most of the administration’s $54 billion in proposed cuts next year would go to a 10 percent increase in defense spending. That is, most of the government’s less expensive departments would shrink dramatically to expand a military that already costs more than those of its eight nearest rivals combined, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies — over three times more than China’s and eight times more than Russia’s.”

What does education have to do with politics? Everything.

Our country is and has been governed by individuals who believe we must spend more money on defense than Health and Human Services, Education, Agriculture, the Interior, Transportation, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Commerce though, with the exception of 9/11, America has never been militarily attacked by another country, and with our votes for Republicans and Democrats, we support this ideology.

The Obama administration financed cyber policing even though the biggest threat to the unauthorized access of our personal information is from our own government.

We, the people of the United States, are the government yet we vote to be ruled by a system of government that is controlled by the elite who profit from war and terrorism, fear and hatred. They are successful because they also control the system of education that instills fear and hatred in our children throughout their earliest learning years.

When we decide, as a nation, to become great again, it will be when we change our system of education to concentrate on the gifts and talents our children possess and the love and respect we all deserve.

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Education Ends Hate

From the Federal Register:

Privacy Act of 1974; Computer Matching Program

Purpose(S): The matching program entitled “Verification Division USCIS/ED” will permit ED to confirm the immigration status of alien applicants for, or recipients of, financial assistance under title IV of the HEA, as authorized by section 484(g) of the HEA (20 U.S.C. 1091(g)). The title IV, HEA programs that are covered by the agreement include: The Federal Pell Grant Program, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program, the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant Program, the Federal Perkins Loan Program, the Federal Work-Study Program, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, and the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Categories of Individuals: The individuals included in this matching program are those who provide an Alien Registration Number when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to determine their eligibility for title IV, HEA program assistance.

Categories of Records: Data that are sent from ED to DHS include the individual’s: Alien registration number, first and last name, date of birth, current Social Security number, and gender. This action will initiate a search for corresponding data elements in a USCIS Privacy Act system of records. When a match of records occurs, the USCIS system will add the following data to the record and return the file to ED: The primary or secondary verification number, the date of entry into the U.S., the country of birth and the USCIS status code of the alien applicant or recipient. ED translates the code to determine whether the applicant is an eligible non-citizen or that this determination could not be made.

Why is it necessary to keep two sets of records on individuals from other countries?

Are we afraid, as a nation, to educate individuals simply because of their origin of birth?

Is an individual seeking knowledge a threat to the security of Americans?

If we provide every child in America with an excellent education, we won’t have to worry about paying for their education or what they will do with their knowledge once received.

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A Rose By Any Other Name

Education Votes posted this article in their publication: 5 reasons charter schools are bad news for students

Their reasons:
1. Charters drain money away from traditional public schools.
2. For-profit charters are legal in more than half of the charter states.
3. No transparency? No accountability? No problem.
4. About a third of the charters that opened in 2000…CLOSED by 2010
5. Shocking Report: $216 million in charter fraud, waste, and abuse

The discussion as to whether charter schools are “good” or “evil” continues as does the failure of our current system of education to provide children with even a reasonable education.

Charter schools offer an alternative to traditional education yet, supposedly, they are required to meet the same standards as public schools and abide by the same testing regime. It is only the way they deliver the same content that makes them different.

It is still unclear why failing LEA’s do not simply offer a diversified curriculum in their schools to mimic that which is available in charter schools if what these schools are doing is successful.

If charter schools are part of the public school system, how can they be draining money from traditional public schools? They are teaching the children that would otherwise be taught in public schools.

Traditional public schools in inner-city LEA’s are fraught with the same transparency and accountability issues and fraud, waste, and abuse abounds in traditional public schools as well. Traditional public schools close their doors and relocate their students when they are found to be continuously failing and are extremely profitable for administrators who receive hundred thousand dollar salaries to operate failing schools.

The fight for a fair and equitable system of education in America should not be about they type of schools our children attend but the type of education they receive. In charter, private, or traditional public schools our children are being mis-educated. They are being normalized, standardized and dehumanized in whatever kind of school they attend because every school concentrates on a child’s inabilities instead of their abilities.

Children are taught to feel superior or inferior, but never respected.

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Divide And Conquer – Unite And Overcome

Alliance for Quality Education reported:

Senate Republican & IDC Budget Proposals Shaft High Need Schools, Perpetuate Racial and Economic Inequities in School Funding

“ALBANY (March 15, 2017) – The Senate Republican and Independent Democratic Conference budget proposals include a dramatic overhaul of the Foundation Aid formula that is designed to shortchange high need public schools. These budget bills would perpetuate racial and economic inequity in school funding. The two budget resolutions are based upon the plan contained in the Senate Majority budget bills to replace the existing Foundation Aid formula with six new formulas that ignore student poverty and students with disabilities, and shortchange English Language Learners.” 

Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution states, the US Constitution is the absolute supreme law of the land. If federal laws violate the Constitution they are null and void and can be disregarded. The Supreme Court and States play a role in this process but ultimately we the people are the final judges in all questions of Constitutionality.

The plan of education advocates is to save a system of education that discriminates against certain sub-groups of students by supporting the acknowledgement that these sub-groups exist by demanding financial support for them.

Yes, inequalities exist within the current system of education that must be eliminated.

However, these inequalities will never be eliminated unless we change the current system of education.

As long as federal, state, and local education dollars are divvied up according to need the need will always exist and the divination will never be equitable.

As well, acknowledging that children should be divided into sub-groups, supports the normalization, standardization, and dehumanization of our children, that reduces them to a monetary value, creating profits for the “hedgehogs”.

In order to gain true equity in education, advocates must fight for the right of every child in America to receive an excellent education. The Constitution must be amended to read, “Every child has the right to an excellent education”.

This simply worded amendment not only protects public education, it protects our children from being classified into sub-groups that enslave them for monetary gain.

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