Another One Bites The Dust

This article appeared in WXXI news: Future of RCSD School 41: Close or forced receivership

It states,
“Receivership schools are schools that are deemed struggling by the state. If they don’t make any progress within a year or two, they must find support outside the district in order to stay open.

Kodak Park School No. 41 in Rochester is one of those schools.

A number of indicators, a minimum of 10 for each school, including graduation rates and suspension numbers, determined progress.

Elizabeth Mascitti-Miller, Chief of the Receivership Schools for the Rochester City School District said they are disappointed but focusing on moving forward. . .

RCSD now has two months to decide to either close the school, or submit a plan for independent receivership of the school and get it approved. . .

Eight schools are in receivership in the Rochester City School District: Nathaniel Rochester School No. 3, Roberto Clemente School No. 8, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School No.9, Enrico Fermi School No. 17, Mary McLeod Bethune School No. 45, James Monroe High School and Northeast High School all showed demonstrable improvements.”

The Rochester City School District page 25 reports:

“The draft 2017-18 Rochester City School District Budget expenditure is projected to
increase to $920.4M from the 2016-17 December budgeted expenditure of $876M; this
represents an increase of $44.4M or 5.1%. The overall increase in revenue for 2017-18 is
projected to be $865.8M, which includes $15M in Appropriated Fund Balance for General
Fund. As a result, the School District has a structural budget gap of $54.6M.”

How can the Rochester City School district justify a nearly billion dollar budget when they are failing to property educate so many of our children.

When will we, as a citizenry, begin to fight for a new system of education that concentrates on discovering, developing and directing the gifts and talents all of our children possess?

When will we, a human beings, stand up for the right of our children to receive an excellent education where they are taught to be critically thinking individuals instead of compliant, subservient adults?

We will never change the future by living in the past.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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