The Seven Headed Dragon

There is a petition circulating calling for the dismissal of John B. King, New York State Commissioner of Education. <a href="; title=”Commissioner John King petition”>

And, while this is a noble beginning, we must realize that Commissioner King was hired by the Governor to be and do exactly who he is and what he is doing. King may be disappointing the public but he is fulling his duties to those that placed him in his position.

All battles won bring us closer to winning the war and so gathering enough signatures on a petition to gain attention to the fact that the public is not longer willing to accept the people or the poison being forced upon us is integral in achieving our goal.

If we are to believe that our voice is more powerful than their money then we must use our voice to effect change throughout the system of education for every child in America.

Now, more than any other time in our Nation’s history, it is possible for the masses to rise up and, without fear or condemnation, use their voice to gain and retain their Constitutional right of “one man, one vote” in order to truly make America the greatest country on Earth.

The firing of John King is just one head of the dragon, and it is not the ruling head but one that will grow back almost immediately.

To slay the dragon, all the heads must be severed from the body or they will simply return to rule again.

Our system of education must be purged from the ruling dragon that is devouring our children day by day.

The corporate dollar that influences the hearts and minds of our elected and appointed officials cannot be challenged, it must be eliminated from the public education system. Our Nation’s children must be educated by public funds, without influence from outside sources.

It is every American’s responsibility to provide every child in America with an excellent, free, child centered, public education.

It is time to live up to our responsibility.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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