The “Big Five” Begin At The Bottom

The Urban Institute reports, of the ten worst metros for black-white equity, New York’s “Big Five” make up half the list.

91. Philadelphia–Camden–Wilmington, PA–NJ–DE–MD
92. Rochester, NY
93. Albany–Schenectady–Troy, NY
94. Toledo, OH
95. Bridgeport–Stamford–Norwalk, CT
96. New York–Northern New Jersey–Long Island, NY–NJ–PA
97. Syracuse, NY
98. Buffalo–Niagara Falls, NY
99. Chicago–Naperville-Joliet, IL–IN–WI
100. Milwaukee–Waukesha–West Allis, WI

Is this also the fault of teachers?

Will Governor Cuomo use standardized testing to evaluate the inability of the governing body of New York State to correct a situation that has been disabling these cities for decades?

It is unfortunate that, in this age of enlightenment, we are still focused on such irrelevant aspects of life as “black and white” equity when we are denying our children the right to their humanity by relegating them to a lifetime of ignorance by mis-educating them in a system that feeds on failure.

While unfortunate, it is understandable that “BB” would rather have us concentrate on the inane rather than recognize the insane idea that being different somehow makes us less human than one another.

Focusing on such an unnatural and unrealistic aspects of humanity allows “BB” to strip of us the natural and realistic expectations we should have of ourselves and others, which is to respect and love each other.

We are taught to love the things we can buy, be jealous of those who have more than us, and utilize any methods necessary to get what we want yet do not need.

Truly, there is no “black-white” equity issue. Humanity has equally fallen prey to the predators that would divide us to conquer us. We have become a nation divided amongst ourselves, fighting for the right to capture the American dream that is an illusion, a perpetrated fraud that keeps us spending money instead of giving love.

We are living in a high definition world that dramatically highlights every color of the spectrum and yet we still only see in black and white.

We have made more progress with our televisions and telephones than we have with our minds.

Our children deserve so much more.

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