Take Issue Not Sides

In the Glen Beck interview of Jada Williams it is made very clear that what was done to Jada was wrong, not white.

For years this community has worked diligently to overcome the racial barriers that have kept us from uniting in our efforts to affect change in the failing system of education for our children.

Working together, parents, community members, and educators, have stopped the closings of numerous schools, removed the Brizard threat, forced the district to retain the arts and librarians in our schools, voted a new voice and perspective onto the school board, created a superintendent search committee, stopped the adoption of an unsanctioned high school program, and exposed a fraudulent attempt to increase trade union quotas without increasing women and minority employment in the construction trades.

We now have another, even greater reason to remain united as a community Jada Williams. Jada Williams was not discriminated against, she was silenced. She was denied her rights as an American, she was denied her Constitutional right to freedom of speech.

The issue is a group of adults, who are not only to teach citizenship but should role model and protect the constitutional rights of every child in their purview, chose to harass and bully a child until she no longer felt comfortable attending school.

To reduce this situation to a matter of black and white is to devalue Jada Williams as a human being and as a United States citizen.

To allow this situation to divide this community, pitting parents and students against teachers and administrators is to fall prey to the hundreds of years of ignorance that has brought this country to the educational failure in which we now live.

We must not forget how long we have fought, together, how hard we have fought, together, to bring about change. We must not forget that it is only by working together that change in the system of education for our children can be accomplished.

What was done to Jada was wrong and we must work together as a community to make it right.

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