More Rhetoric – More Denial

This article, Forget about ‘fixing’ black kids: What If we fixed white liberals instead? by Lynnell Mickelsen written in February of 2015 was circulated recently.

In it Ms Mickelson states:

“We’ve spent years — nay, decades — bemoaning our achievement gap in which white kids in Minneapolis are mostly doing fine while less than 30 percent of black and Latino kids are working at grade level; less than 48 percent graduate on time, etc.

Children of color now make up 67 percent of our enrollment in Minneapolis. (Vocab reminder to the Greatest Generation: This why we can’t call them “minorities” any more.) So you’d think the mass failure of the majority of the city’s school children would be a moral emergency. As in something that demanded bold action.

After all, if white kids were failing at these rates, we’d have already redesigned the schools to work better for them. We’d have changed the teachers, administrators, length of the school day or year or curriculum and anything else. Because if white kids were failing en masse, we’d demand a big fix of the education system.

But when nonwhite kids are failing, we tend to instead discuss how to fix brown children and their allegedly … ahem … chaotic families, which is white code for screwed-up.”

Ms. Mickelson could very well be talking about the Rochester City School District and any other large urban district in America.

Unfortunately, she believes our current system of education is working for caucasian children because they are passing tests designed to make them feel superior to those that fail, perpetuating an attitude of supremacy that is hostile and volitile.

Our current system of education is dehumanizing for ALL children. It reduces them to data bits and dollar signs, never considering their gifts and talents or the importance of what education calls “soft skills” in building a more humane society.

Until we change our current system of education to concentrate on the gifts and talents all children possess, realizing and promoting critical thinking and communication skills, compassion and empathy, all of our children will continue to fail educationally.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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