Governing Our Governance

New York: Who Is Behind the Effort to Allow Charter Schools to Hire Uncertified Teachers?
By dianeravitch points to the Alan Singer blog titled, Politics And Campaign Dollars Shape New York Charter School Policies, in which he states:

“The finger points at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Politicians and wealthy business leaders with ties to Cuomo are behind the push to exempt some of the state’s charter schools from hiring certified teachers. It is a move that would weaken University-based teacher education programs, undermine teacher professionalism, and seriously hurt the education of children across the state.

Cuomo has long been a supporter of expanded and minimally regulated charter schools. In 2014, while preparing to run for reelection, Cuomo spoke at a pro-charter rally on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Albany. In his speech he praised charter school groups and Republican and independent Democrats who were joining with him to “save” charter schools, although there was no movement trying to destroy them. Curiously, Cuomo never discussed pulling the children out of school and shipping them to Albany for a staged rally.

In 2016, while no one was paying close attention, the State Legislature with Cuomo’s endorsement extended the regulatory authority of the Trustees of the State University over charter schools. The SUNY Charter Institute, a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, now claims this legislation empowers them to permit charter schools under their jurisdiction to hire uncertified teachers and train them according to their own guidelines.”

According to Ms. Ravitch, “Cuomo needs the hedge funders to finance the presidential run everyone expects he wants. But, as Alan points out, he also needs the votes of the public so he may be open to persuasion.”

Continuing a system of mis-education that empowers the wealthy while maintaining the impoverished conditions of others can only be stopped by creating a system of education that concentrates on discovering, developing and directing the gifts and talents of all children towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens who recognize and vote for the love of humanity over love of money.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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