Those Who Can Do – Those Who Can’t Tell Those Who Can What To Do

In his article “Intellectual Arrogance” James C. Wilson, Ed.D. states,

“Individuals with expertise in engineering, medicine, and business believe their achievements entitle them to think their area of knowledge extends outside their profession. The recommendations that they make in subjects outside their area of expertise are examples of misplaced intellectual arrogance.

. . . This intellectual arrogance has never been demonstrated more clearly than in recent pronouncements concerning education in America. Brilliant people in diverse fields outside of education feel perfectly comfortable making judgments and policy recommendations about education that impacts millions of students as well as educational professionals. Their audacity is appalling and their ignorance is inexcusable.

. . . These brilliant people mean well, but their lack of research, professional experience, and lack of understanding of complex issues in education prevent them from realizing the severe unintended consequences of their amateurish meddling.

. . . The unintended consequence of their plan is to continue to sacrifice millions of America’s youth to dropping out of high school directly into crime and prison. This is the school to prison pipeline. These billionaires and politician’s meddling has resulted in real consequences and the enormous price tag that comes in the guise of more youth going to prison and ultimately higher costs to maintain prisons.

. . . We need to listen to America’s schools of education and researchers like Diane Ravitch, not political hacks and billionaires who, frankly, haven’t done due diligence to learn about educational research demonstrating success before implementation of new policies. We know preschool improves poverty level kid’s achievement and high school completion. We know career academies graduate 95 percent of their students, all with an employable skill. These are the interventions that are essential to expand across the country. These are the well researched educational initiatives that can make a difference in America. Imagine a million fewer people in prison. Imagine a workforce with millions more skilled workers. This is the alternative future that education can provide.”

An important question to ask is, “Why are educators allowing those with no background in education theory dictating to those who do, what education should be?”

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