No Excuse – No Truth

New York spends more per student than any other state for 5th year in a row by Julie McMahon states:

“New York for the fifth year in a row spent more money per student than any other state, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
In fiscal year 2015, New York spent $21,206 per pupil. That’s an all-time high for New York, up by nearly $600 from the previous year’s total of $20,610.

New York’s per pupil spending is almost double the national average of $11,392.

Of the $21,206 per student spent each year in New York, $8,758 goes toward instruction, or teacher salaries. That’s the highest number in the nation.

Here’s how much some of the largest districts in the state spend, according to the Journal:
Buffalo: $21,294
Rochester: $21,800
Syracuse: $19,278
Utica: $15,656
Albany: $20,327”

What are the ‘Big Five’ school systems? The Journal News asks:

“As the state’s fourth-largest district, Yonkers is one of the so-called “Big Five” school systems, along with New York City, Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse. The districts operate as a branch of local government, with no taxing authority. They rely on city, state and federal aid for funding..

K-12 student population: 27,624
2015-16 budget: $801,818,597
Increase from 2014-15: 1.1%
State aid: $539,020,182, 67% of budget
Economically disadvantaged: 90%
Building condition: Joint Schools Construction Board authorized by the Legislature in 2007 to rebuild or renovate 38 schools over 12 years. Phase one completed 2014. Phase two, for $435 million in work, approved in December. State funding up to 98 percent of more than $1 billion cost.”

Billions are being spent on renovating schools and testing students. We are air-conditioning buildings that will be empty during summer. We are not adopting a “year-round” school system to offset the condition of summer loss of learning statistics.

We are providing summer school classes that allow students to “move up” to the next grade level. We are not requiring students to complete their work during regular school year classes so that they do not have to go to summer school.

Student failure in the “Big Five” is a very lucrative endeavor. Placing the blame on poverty is a very convenient excuse.

Failure fuels funding is the real truth.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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