Nothing New Under The Sun

This D&C article, “Scathing report finds RCSD takes a ‘wait-to-fail’ approach to special needs students” by Justin Murphy states:

“Five years after the start of a five-year special education redesign, the Rochester City School District continues to fail its thousands of students with disabilities even as the rate at which they’re classified as disabled accelerates, according to a scathing new report.

. . . “It’s just a huge, depressing 103-page report, said Dan DeMarle, an independent special education consultant. “It fundamentally points out the extremely broken system that, over the years, has become increasingly dysfunctional, and also mirrors the general education system. … It puts numbers to the gigantic suckiness of the entire thing.”

. . . “The district continues to accelerate the placement of students into an instructional and support system that has not demonstrated the ability to improve student performance across any important educational outcome indicators,” the consultant, Judy Elliott, wrote.

. . . Some of Elliott’s recommendations have already been incorporated into Deane-Williams’ plans for 2017-18. They include elevating Sandy Simpson to the level of chief; making a wider continuum of services available at all schools; adding more reading teachers and other support positions; and trying to reduce the classification rate by re-centralizing the process and scrutinizing the “other health impairment” category in particular.”

Increasing the title and likely the pay level of Ms. Simpson and adding reading teachers and support positions employs adults, but does nothing for the children who are being wharehoused in overcrowded classrooms and instructed instead of educated.

The Rochester City School District classifies children at an alarming rate and receives more educational dollars to educate those children yet, for decades, it has failed in its duty to do so.

They continue to fail while they make minor adjustments to their system of mis-education when they are forced by the State.

When will we unite to Save Our Children and demand that we change the current system of education to one that discovers, develops and directs the gifts and talents that all of our children possess.

That is the only way special education will truly be special.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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