Discrimination Education

The Federal Register:

Applications for New Awards; Technical Assistance and Dissemination To Improve Services and Results for Children With Disabilities-Technical Assistance Center on Positive Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes for Young Children With, and at Risk for, Developmental Delays or Disabilities

Purpose of Program: The purpose of the Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities program is to promote academic achievement and to improve results for children with disabilities by providing technical assistance, supporting model demonstration projects, disseminating useful information, and implementing activities that are supported by scientifically based research.

Estimated Available Funds: The Administration has requested $44,345,000 for the Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities program for FY 2017, of which we intend to use an estimated $1,100,000 for this competition.

Estimated Number of Awards: 1.

Project Period: Up to 60 months.

Eligible Applicants: SEAs; State lead agencies under Part C of the IDEA; local educational agencies, including public charter schools that operate as LEAs under State law; IHEs; other public agencies; private nonprofit organizations; freely associated States and outlying areas; Indian Tribes or Tribal organizations; and for-profit organizations.

Eligible Subgrantees: (a) Under 34 CFR 75.708(b) and (c) a grantee may award subgrants—to directly carry out project activities described in its application—to the following types of entities: IHEs and private nonprofit organizations suitable to carry out the activities proposed in the application.

Other General Requirements: (a) Recipients of funding under this competition must make positive efforts to employ and advance in employment qualified individuals with disabilities.

The administration has requested $44 million taxpayer dollars to improve services and results for students with disabilities when those dollars should be used to discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents of those same students giving them the opportunity to compete academically and socially in their particular area of interest and ability.

Using federal, state, and local educational funding to locate, classify and dehmanize children because of their differences causes the “normed” society to ignore the potential of these students to contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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