PEAS On The Right Track

TED Talk by Dr. Michael Hynes “Why PEAS Are the Key to a Successful Education” expresses the sentiment that our children are not labels, they are people. He promotes a system of education called PEAS.

PEAS stands for: Physical Growth; Emotional Growth; Academic Growth; Social Growth.

“Dr. Michael Hynes works as a public school superintendent of schools on Long Island. His mission is to spread the message of the importance of a holistic approach to educating children.” (YouTube)

He begins by giving an account of his educational experience as being less than successful. He graduated from high school in the bottom ten percent of his class and his guidance counselor said he was not college material. He explains the school experience using a lightbulb analogy as, a lightbulb that is on, flickering, off, or shattered.

Dr. Hynes says “. . . the reason why we have our children go to school is to reduce their talents and potential.”

“. . . I hate to use the words children with special needs . . . all these labels, all these classifications when the bottom line is, we are all people and they are all children.”

“. . . it is not academic and everything else is secondary, tertiary, everything else is equally as important and that means . . . music and art are just as important as AP Science.”

“. . . Physical education and recess is just as important as Social Studies, it’s just as important as Language Arts, and we have to get rid of the higher status of what we feel is most important and break it down to all four.”

“Our collective responsibility is to insure that we take this educational pendulum, all of us, collectively, and we hang onto it and make sure it goes right back in the middle where there’s balance. PEAS is balance where we are focusing on all those different components, we are not standardizing children anymore, they are not widgits, and ultimately, in the end, when we move this system in the right direction, no other lightbulbs are ever shattered again.”

Reaching success in education means changing the system of education.

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