Informing Is Not Educating

On May 7, 2017, Diane Ravitch posted a blog titled, “Laura Chapman: Computer-Based Education as a Depersonalized and Profitable Industry” the gist of which outlines the push towards a computer based system of education that promotes student competency through standardized learning. 

In her article she writes, “Although it is wise to keep attention focussed on the damage to public education being done by charter schools, vouchers, and the standardized testing requirements in ESSA, I think the larger threat to public education is CBE. Venture capitalists are investing in educational management systems and apps galore. markets CBE as teacher-free, learner-centered education organized by playlists of “opportunities for learning” with for-hire “sherpas” to guide students on “learning journeys.””

Educating children is more than delivering information. Television, newpapers, radio and the internet can do that.  Education, true education, involves the interpersonal communication of individuals who have differing perspectives on life according to their interaction with their environment, facilitated by a knowledgeable, caring adult who provides a model of respect, caring, patience and discipline.

Education provides children with information and then gives them the opportunity to use that information to create solutions for the problems we all encounter.

Education creates within the child the knowledge that they are not alone in the experiences they face and that by communicating those experiences to and with others, their problems are not unique or unsolvable.

Education not only delivers information, but creates the opportunity for critical thinking in solving the problems we face as a people through the colaboration of visions from multiple perspectives.

Education adds to the delivery of information by giving the student the opportunity to discover, develop and direct their natural gifts and talents toward their life’s passion, making the world a better place for all life.

Education, true education, is what is lacking in our current system of education and the only thing that will save us, as a people, from the continued enslavement to the economic power of the elite who are obsessed with dominating the world.

We must educate our children not merely inform them.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!


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