Collecting Data To Standardize Children

Federal Register:

Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; International Early Learning Study 2018 Field Test Data Collection and Main Study Recruitment

“Abstract: The International Early Learning Study, scheduled to be conducted in 2018, is a new study sponsored by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an intergovernmental organization of industrialized countries. In the United States, the IELS is conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics. The IELS focuses on young children and their cognitive and non-cognitive skills and competencies as they transition to primary school. The IELS is designed to examine: Children’s early learning and development in a broad range of domains, including social and cognitive skills; the relationship between children’s early learning and children’s participation in early childhood education and care; the role of contextual factors, including children’s individual characteristics and their home backgrounds and experiences, in promoting young children’s growth and development; and how early learning varies across and within countries prior to beginning primary school.

In 2018, in the participating countries, including the United States, the IELS will assess nationally-representative samples of children ages 5.0-5.5 years (in kindergarten in the United States) through direct and indirect measures, and will collect contextual data about their home learning environments, ECEC histories, and demographic characteristics. The IELS will measure children’s knowledge, skills, and competencies in both cognitive and non-cognitive domains, including language and literacy, mathematics and numeracy, executive function/self-regulation, and social emotional skills. This assessment will take place as children are transitioning to primary school and will provide data on how U.S. children entering kindergarten compare with their international peers on skills deemed important for later success. To prepare for the main study that will take place in September-November 2018, the IELS countries will conduct a field test in the fall of 2017 to evaluate newly developed assessment instruments and questionnaires and to test the study operations.”

This is no more than an effort to create a “standard” by which we will measure the “normalization” of our children. Studies such as these reject the fact that all children possess individual gifts and talents to offer the world.

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