Public Education Is For The Public

This article by Henry Gass was printed in The Christian Science Monitor, Church, state, and school: What might Supreme Court ruling mean for vouchers?

He posits, “Thirty-eight states have amendments prohibiting state money from going to religious organizations. A Supreme Court case Wednesday, about whether a religious private school is eligible for state grant money, could change that.”

Many people believe that States should provide parents with vouchers that allow them to use tax education dollars to send their children to private schools in order to receive a better education than they could or would receive in a public school.

The question is not whether States should provide parents with vouchers, the question should be, “Why aren’t public schools providing every child in America with an excellent education?”

“The current average per student cost (of public education) is $7,552 and the average cost per special education student is an additional $9,369 per student, or $16,921.” NEA

In 2014 Money magazine reported, “According to data from the Nation Center for Education Statistics, the average price of a year of private elementary school is $7,770, and the average annual cost of private high school is $13,030.”

Surprisingly, sending our children to private schools would save tax payers millions of dollars and our children would receive a better education.

If public schools concentrated on educating children instead of providing jobs for adults and profits for “hedgehogs” there would be plenty of money to provide every child in America with an excellent education.

We must, as a people, change our current system of education from one that is wrought with regulations, normalization, standardization, and dehumanization, to one that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents all children possess towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens that would understand that children are our greatest resourse and that they are more valuable than money.

When every child in America receives an excellent education, religious organizations can concentrate on providing the children of their congregation with the spiritual guidance in which they believe.

An excellent education for all means an excellent America for all.

Join the Movement to Save our Children!

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