Don’t Be Bought By Billions

Jasmine Gripper of Alliance for Quality Education sent this message out:

“Last week, the Senate Majority abandoned its commitment to fully funding our schools. But something else happened in the New York State legislature last week — unlike their colleagues in the Senate, the Assembly Majority voted for a budget proposal that would make major progress toward addressing racial and economic inequality in our school funding system. . .

The Assembly’s proposal includes a full phase-in of the Foundation Aid formula starting with a $1.4 billion increase this year — nearly $1 billion more than Governor Cuomo’s proposal. It restores funding for community schools that was cut from Governor Cuomo’s budget. And it would put us on track to achieve truly universal pre-K in New York. . .

Under the leadership of Speaker Carl Heastie, the Assembly Majority is fighting to ensure that all children in New York State have access to a high-quality education.”

If our state and federal law makers were truly concerned with providing our children with a high-quality education they would fight for the Constitutional right of every child to receive a high-quality education.

Money now and in the past, has been promised to quell of fervor of constituents in an election year.

To persist in allowing the education of children to be a State’s right is to continue to allow the control of education to be in the hands of the “hedgehogs” who profit from the failure of certain sub-groups of children and the limited success of children who fit or are forced into their norms.

We cannot maintain the belief that more money will eliminate the dehumanizing conditions within our current system of education. We must not be satisfied with the promise of billions and ignore the reality of education that reduces our children to a monetary value ignoring the gifts and talents that all children possess.

The billions of dollars they promise is the price they are willing to pay the corporations that profit from the educational failure of our children.

Our children are more valuable than money. We must fight for their humanity.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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