Divide And Conquer – Unite And Overcome

Alliance for Quality Education reported:

Senate Republican & IDC Budget Proposals Shaft High Need Schools, Perpetuate Racial and Economic Inequities in School Funding

“ALBANY (March 15, 2017) – The Senate Republican and Independent Democratic Conference budget proposals include a dramatic overhaul of the Foundation Aid formula that is designed to shortchange high need public schools. These budget bills would perpetuate racial and economic inequity in school funding. The two budget resolutions are based upon the plan contained in the Senate Majority budget bills to replace the existing Foundation Aid formula with six new formulas that ignore student poverty and students with disabilities, and shortchange English Language Learners.” 

Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution states, the US Constitution is the absolute supreme law of the land. If federal laws violate the Constitution they are null and void and can be disregarded. The Supreme Court and States play a role in this process but ultimately we the people are the final judges in all questions of Constitutionality.

The plan of education advocates is to save a system of education that discriminates against certain sub-groups of students by supporting the acknowledgement that these sub-groups exist by demanding financial support for them.

Yes, inequalities exist within the current system of education that must be eliminated.

However, these inequalities will never be eliminated unless we change the current system of education.

As long as federal, state, and local education dollars are divvied up according to need the need will always exist and the divination will never be equitable.

As well, acknowledging that children should be divided into sub-groups, supports the normalization, standardization, and dehumanization of our children, that reduces them to a monetary value, creating profits for the “hedgehogs”.

In order to gain true equity in education, advocates must fight for the right of every child in America to receive an excellent education. The Constitution must be amended to read, “Every child has the right to an excellent education”.

This simply worded amendment not only protects public education, it protects our children from being classified into sub-groups that enslave them for monetary gain.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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