True Discrimination – Mis-education Reinforced

From the New York Times:

“The Board of Regents on Monday eliminated a requirement that aspiring teachers in New York State pass a literacy test to become certified after the test proved controversial because black and Hispanic candidates passed it at significantly lower rates than white candidates.

The literacy test proved challenging to many prospective teachers, but particularly for black and Hispanic candidates. An analysis done in 2014, the year the test was first administered, found that 64 percent of white candidates passed the test on the first try, while only 46 percent of Hispanic candidates and 41 percent of black candidates did.

Nonetheless, a federal judge who had found two older certification tests to be discriminatory ruled in 2015 that the ALST was not biased, because it measured skills that were necessary for teaching.

However, deans of education schools, especially those with large numbers of black and Hispanic students, disagreed, and argued that the exam was exacerbating a shortage of teachers of color.

But black candidates pass the test at rates lower than candidates of other races or ethnicities. A task force convened by the Regents, made up of deans and professors of education schools, as well as teachers and district superintendents, recommended recalibrating the passing score on the exam and allowing certain students who fall short of a passing score on the edTPA to become certified based on the recommendations of their teachers. The Regents agreed on Monday to move forward with that proposal.”

This is not only discriminatory it is insulting.

The normalization and standardization of children begins at the elementary level and is now being reinforced at the higher education level by supporting the notion that Black students are less educable than other students and therefore the standards must be lowered in order for them to be successful.

These deans, professors, teachers, and district superintendents must believe that Black students are not as smart as White or other students. They must know of and support the system of education that mis-educated them from early childhood.

Whose children will these less than literate teachers teach?

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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