Humanity Creates Equity – Funding Creates Greed

The Alliance for Quality Education published this article on their website:

‘Some People’ Respond to Governor Cuomo’s Harsh Criticism of Parents Advocating for Educational Opportunity and Funding Equity

Below are excerpts of that article.

ALBANY, NY (March 10, 2017) — Thirty-five mothers and grandmothers from across New York State who are advocates for educational opportunity and funding equity sent a letter to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today responding to his statement that, “For some people it’s never enough, it’s never enough, it’s never enough.” 

“We are not “some people”! We are parents. We are taxpayers. We are voters. When you say for “some people it’s never enough” you are talking about our children,” the letter reads. “Like all parents, we want the best opportunities for our children. We will never be satisfied with an education system that provides opportunities to some children, but denies them to others.  We want our children to have a world class education, one that addresses the realities they face every day and provides them a pathway to college or careers. Your response is that we ask for too much.”

What these parents and grandparents are not aware of is that more money will not balance out the system of education provided to children of inner cities with those in suburban areas. More money channeled to inner-city LEA’s will just be wasted on bureaucratic administration.

It is not money that denies our children an excellent education it is the system of education itself. A system that is controlled by the greed of the elite who profit from the lack of education that maintains the ignorance of all children whether they are in the city or the suburbs.

Spending more money to promote the normalization, standardization, and dehumanization of our children will not equalize education but only serve to place more money in the coffers of the “hedgehogs” who already capitalize on the billions spent on education.

We must fight for a system of education that teaches our children they are gifted and talented, that being human is more important than having money.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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