An Excellent Education Is A Right Not A Performance Standard

NYSED is asking parents and education advocates to complete a survey that is so long and involved they have attached mini-webinars to explain the content of the questions. In order to watch the webinars you must download the viewing application.

*Note: The WebEx ARF player is required to playback the recording. Download ARF player

NYS Allies for Public Education is asking parents and education advocates to review their additions to the survey, the Opportunity Learning Index, “Our Opportunity to Learn Index incorporates evidence-based factors proven to strengthen student outcomes and supports what parents want to see in their children’s schools, such as small class sizes, arts education, and low teacher attrition and student suspension rates.” Though relevant, this is another lengthy document.

All this is being done in an effort to rate a school’s performance in normalizing, standardizing, and dehumanizing our children.

If we continue to accept the current system of education for our children we continue to agree that it has some redeeming value and that with a little “tweaking” it would provide children with the skills necessary to become successful adults.

This could not be further from the truth.

Arts education, smaller class sizes, teacher experience and all of the other caveats NYSAPE is asking for are unquestionably necessary yet adding them to a poisonous stew does not make the meal any less toxic.

Teachers are instructed to teach common core idealisms and whether they teach ten students or thirty students, children are still being fed a dehumanizing curriculum that instills the belief that some people are less than others due to factors beyond their control.

Regardless of the performance indicators of school and student success, children are still being classified for not fitting into the norm and underserved educationally because of their classification.

No matter what the results of the survey, federal and state education agencies will still promote the idea that all children must learn and believe the same things in the same way as prescribed by the elite.

Schools are supposed to educate children not perform for a passing grade.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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