The Choice Is Ours

Governor Cuomo sent this e-mail message out in response to recent bomb threats made across the country on the Jewish community, “In an effort to combat the rise in these attacks and other bias-related discrimination, my administration is investing $25 million to boost safety and security at New York’s religious schools and daycare centers. Children should not be under threat because of their school’s ideology, beliefs or mission. There is no place for hate or discrimination in New York. We need to stand together and remain vigilant against these attacks on our communities.”

Young men are shooting at and being shot by the police.

Adults expose themselves in protest against Trump policy.

University of Pennsylvania students receive hate filled text messages.

Our nation is beginning to mirror our system of education that teaches our children some people are better than others because of the money they have, the color of their skin, the language they speak, the religion they follow, their neighborhood, their physical abilities, or any other inconsequential distinction which can be made.

Adults are role models of ignorance and hatred for children as they choose nonsensical and violent means of protest against a government they deem unfair.

All of these actions are perpetuated by a system of education that normalizes, standardizes, and dehumanizes our children by classifying them into subgroups and monetizing their value.

There is no place for hate or discrimination in any nation blessed with the resources and freedoms of America. How can we boast of being the greatest nation on earth when we fail to recognize the truth of our own iniquities?

We are becoming a nation of hate mongers when we have the opportunity and ability to be a beacon of light that leads the world to peace.

We, the people, of the United States, must come together to form a more perfect union by creating a system of education that seeks to discover, develop, and direct the gifts and talents of all children towards becoming knowledgeable, respectful, and peaceful adults who value life and the human experience.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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