The Lines Are Clear – No Need To Read Between Them

This message was sent from Governor Cuomo’s Office:

“Every New York student deserves access to a quality education — period.

Yet right now too many of our young people are denied the college education they need to get ahead in today’s economy because of their family’s income.

Governor Cuomo has a bold plan to change that: The Excelsior Scholarship.
The new initiative will provide tuition free college at state and city universities and community colleges to students from middle class families making less than $125,000. These students deserve the chance to pursue their dreams of a higher education without the crushing lifetime burden of debt.”

It is clear from this communique that Governor Cuomo is solely interested in supporting the needs of the voting “middle class” without attending to the needs of the “lower class.”

In an article for the Huffington Post by Rebecca Klein titled, This Is How Much Money Advocates Say New York State Owes Public Schools, she states, “. . . the state created a new school-funding formula, increasing money to disadvantaged districts. The governor at the time, Eliot Spitzer, pledged billions in additional funds over the next few years . . .

. . . after Spitzer resigned and the economic crisis hit, state aid was scaled back.

. . . advocacy groups have been saying the state is shirking its obligation to local schools. According to the new website, the groups figure the state owes New York public schools $4.3 billion, including $1.9 billion to New York City.

. . . Jamaica Miles, a parent from Schenectady who advocates more school funding, said her two kids’ schools are shortchanged by lack of money. Her children attend schools in Schenectady City School District, where classrooms are crowded and students have to share textbooks. A quick search on the new website,, calculates that Schenectady High School is owed more than $14 million.”

Governor Cuomo has no problem supporting the college tuition costs of “middle class” families but refuses to adequately fund elementary and secondary public schools in high poverty areas of the state.

Not every New York student has access to a quality education, only those who can afford it do.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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