The Truth In Plain English

The Federal Register:

Applications for New Awards; Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program

Purpose of Program: The DHSI Program provides grants to assist Hispanic Serving Institutions to expand educational opportunities for, and improve the academic attainment of, Hispanic students. DHSI Program grants also enable HSIs to expand and enhance the academic offerings, program quality, faculty quality, and institutional stability of colleges and universities that are educating the majority of Hispanic college students and help large numbers of Hispanic students and low-income individuals complete postsecondary degrees.

Background: Hispanic students are enrolling in postsecondary institutions at higher rates than ever before; however, we continue to lose a substantial number of Hispanic students prior to degree completion. Additionally, while Hispanic students have very high enrollments at 2-year institutions, the transfer rate to 4-year institutions, as well as the rate of certificate and associate degree completion, continues to be low.

Estimated Available Funds: The Administration has requested $107,795,000 for awards for the DHSI program for FY 2017, of which we intend to use an estimated $11,500,000 for this competition.

Estimated Range of Awards: $500,000-$750,000.
Maximum Awards:
Individual Development Grants: $550,000.
Cooperative Arrangement Grants: $750,000.

Estimated Number of Awards: 20.

In her research paper, Why Latino American Community College Students Drop Out After One Semester, Rosa Delia Smith of Walden University found “. . . many obstacles—the demand of family responsibilities, lack of English fluency, poor preparation in secondary schools, a less welcoming institutional culture, and the need for financial assistance—are faced by Latino college students when attempting to complete a college degree.”

Academic offerings, program quality, faculty quality, and institutional stability of colleges and universities have nothing to do with the failure of Hispanic students to complete their college education.

The federal government has set aside nearly $108 million dollars for Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions instead of addressing the fact that Hispanic students are being underserved in secondary education. Instead of using that $108 million dollars to properly prepare Hispanic students for entering college and completing their degree programs, educational dollars are spent serving the colleges that will receive these students knowing they were not adequately prepared in high school.

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