The Truth In The Truth

On February 3, 2017, Steven Singer published this article in the Huffington Post: U.S. Public Schools Are Not Failing. They’re Among The Best In The World

In that article he states,
“Living in poverty reduces your access to health care, books, early childhood education and many other factors that increase learning throughout your life. Children from poor families are already more than a year behind those of rich parents on the first day of kindergarten. If you only test the wealthiest students, the average test score will probably be quite high. The average score will drop dramatically if you test all of your students. . .”

Living in poverty does not reduce access to health care, books, or early childhood education as these things are given freely to those considered impoverished. Children from poor families are considered a year behind those of rich parents because the system judges children on the financial prowess of their parents, not on their level of intelligence; the rich create the norm by which all are judged.

Mr. Singer ends his article,
“As ever, far-right politicians on both sides of the aisle, whether they be Democratic Neoliberals or Republican Tea Partiers, are using falsehoods about our public schools to sell an alternative. They say our public schools are beyond saving and that we need to privatize. They call it school choice but it’s really just an attempt to destroy the system that has so much going for it. We should strengthen public education not undermine it. We should roll up our sleeves and fix the real problems we have, not invent fake ones.”

In this he is correct. Politicians and corporations are using fear and mistruths to maintain and increase their profits. However, they do not want to destroy the current system of public education but want to maintain its discriminatory and dehumanizing practices to perpetuate the ignorance that supports their profits.

We should roll up our sleeves and demand that every child in America receive an excellent education that creates the critically thinking adult who can recognize a lie and not be controlled by fear.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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