Hidden But Not Forgotten

During Black History Month most school children will learn about Martin Luther King as though he was the only substantial person of the Black race.

The movie “Hidden Figures” dispels that attitude and belief and should be shown in every school in America.

While most American’s believe that white males are responsible for the advances of our society, it was the contributions of the many cultures of America that lent their natural gifts and talents to the fabric of American technology and culture.

Our government was fashioned after Native American society. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the movies we enjoy all come from the various cultures of the people that were brought to this country by voice or by choice.

Today we teach our children that the wealthy are responsible for the success of America when it was the ingenuity of poverty that created the greatness of our nation.

History is no longer considered an important subject in school because through history we learn that America would not have survived as a country were it not for the labor of slaves and indentured servants, the poor, who created the inventions on which the rich capitalized.

The wealthy would have us believe that money is power yet without the survival knowledge of the impoverished of this nation, the elite would suffer the indignity of having to do real work, the manual labor, that makes the products they sell to perpetuate their wealth.

Employers would have us believe that they are more important than the employees who do the work that keep their companies successful.

Workers fight for a decent wage while their children suffer through an indecent system of education that keeps them enslaved to the company that refuses to recognize their value but will capitalize from their suffering.

Hidden Figures exposes the lie that tells us money and power are more important than intelligence and self-respect.

Providing every child in America with an excellent education will remind us that people are more valuable than money.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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