We Must Refocus Our Focus

Alliance for Quality Education sent this e-mail:
ALBANY, NY (February 8, 2017) —Today parents from across New York State released a Call for the People’s March for Education Justice. On Saturday, March 4, parents, students, teachers, and community members will march together in local communities throughout the state to demand education justice in New York.

Participants are marching to demand:

An end to the systemic racism and economic injustice that defines school funding in New York State
Fully and equitably funding public schools statewide, including the $4.3 billion in Foundation Aid owed to schools as a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity​ and rejection of Governor Cuomo’s plan to repeal this funding
Raise the Age and stop the ​criminalization of our youth
Ending the state’s over-reliance on high-stakes testing
An end to the privatization of public education and rejection of Governor Cuomo’s plan for a massive expansion of privately-run charter schools
Expansion of childcare funding and delivering on Governor Cuomo’s unfulfilled promise for universal full-day pre-K
Making SUNY and CUNY free for all
Ensuring all public schools, colleges and universities are Sanctuary Schools which will not aid federal officials in the detainment or deportation of students
Extending and expanding the millionaire’s tax, closing the Wall Street hedge fund carried interest loophole, and eliminating wasteful corporate tax giveaways made in the name of economic development. These plans would bring billions to fund high quality education for all and so much more

Nothing is mentioned about demanding the Constitutional guarantee that all children receive an excellent education.

This message was also received in an e-mail:
The Institute for Learning Centered Education, an educational non-profit based in the north country, has started a new initiative — one that promises to get a dialogue started among teachers in north country school districts on how to address poverty and support students experiencing poverty-induced trauma.

Are we going to perpetuate the prejudice of teachers by allowing them to believe only children of poverty experience trauma?

We are not focusing on the real issues in education, the forced and reinforced ignorance of our children.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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