It’s Confirmed

Amid the protests of the people, the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary was confirmed.

This should also confirm the fact that our elected officials are not working for the people but for their party. Both Democrats and Republicans are in the position to profit from the billions of education tax dollars that are spent on administrative costs, higher education, student loan bailouts, adult education, and testing instead of educating children.

Now that the DeVos fight is over, the fight for public education can be resumed; vouchers for private schools and charter school support taking funding away from public schools that will be left to provide a standardized curriculum to the children whose parents can not or will not avail themselves of school choice.

These children, most commonly the children of the poor, will be warehoused in overcrowded classrooms and receive a watered down curriculum that will keep them committed to the ravages of poverty for generations to come.

Americans will be drawn into an argument that makes no sense and distracted from the reality that makes perfect sense, if public schools are not working, fix them. If private and charter schools know how to provide a better education, then emulate their process and procedures in public schools.

What the American public will not recognize and fight for is a system of public education that actually provides an excellent education to all children.

The research sites small class size, parental involvement, neighborhood schools, a developmentally appropriate curriculum, experiential learning, and an Arts based environment as the solution to educational failure. All of these things can be provided for in public schools.

Changing the focus of learning on discovering and developing the gifts and talents children possess instead of testing them to find and develop their weaknesses is also research proven to create educational success for all children.

Acknowledging that some schools are better than others and that those schools exist for the affluent is to confirm the fact that our government supports the slavery and injustice the majority of its people suffer.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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