Truth And Consequences

In the beginning of public education the only work teachers would accept would be the student’s best effort. As well, their writing had to be legible and meet a certain standard of penmanship. If the teacher knew that the child had not offered his or her best penmanship, they would have to return to their seat and do the work again. If this pattern continued, whether the answers were correct or not, the teacher would conference with the parents and punishment would ensue.

Children entering school would be given notebook in which to practice their penmanship. Writing outside the lines was unacceptable. You were given three to four years to learn printing before you moved on to cursive.

In today’s system of education, children are not required to have neat penmanship when printing and cursive writing is almost never taught. Why?

In a study by International Scientific Publications and Consultation, they wrote, “It can be concluded that when students find it difficult to write legibly, it affects their overall achievement in school mathematics and hence weakens their educational progress as it often interferes with their learning . . .”

In an interview by CNN reporter Matthew Casey with Wendy Carlson, a handwriting expert and forensic document examiner, she states, “the dramatic decline of handwriting is causing “great” deterioration of the mind. . . Texting played a role in it because people are trying to write quick short sentences . . . People aren’t using their minds and they are relying on technology to make the decisions for them . . . cursive writing combines mental and physical processes which involve both sides of the brain.”

This is simply another way the “hedgehogs” are dumbing our children down so that they can maintain power over the masses.

January 23 is national handwriting day yet in poor inner-city schools children will hand in work that is hardly readable and their teachers will stamp that work with “Good Job” telling the student they are not worth the time it takes to require them to do better.

Our children deserve to know they can achieve anything, even proper penmanship.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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