The Prediction And The Reality

NPR Ed’s Claudio Sanchez gives us his top five education predictions for 2017.
“Former elementary and middle school teacher Claudio Sanchez is an Education Correspondent for NPR. He focuses on the “three p’s” of education reform: politics, policy and pedagogy.”

His predictions:
No. 1: It is unclear how government will use federal funding for the Every Student Succeeds Act
No. 2: Teachers unions will butt heads with the new administration.
No. 3: The future is grim for early childhood education funding, which will lead to lower enrollment.
No. 4: The charter school movement splits over political differences.
No. 5: Community colleges get their long-overdue attention.

It is very clear, as the past has shown, the government will use federal funding to support the profits of the “hedgehogs” who wish to maintain the ignorance of the populace.

Teachers’ unions will continue to silently receive funding from the “hedgehogs” while publically opposing the new administration.

Early childhood education funding will support early childhood indoctrination into institutionalization.

The charter school movement continues to split public education funding while offering no better solution to the educational failure of our children.

Community colleges will receive funding to drain scholarship monies from under-educated high school graduates that must take remedial college courses before being accepted into accredited college programs.

Changes in presidential administration have not had and will not have any positive effect on the system of education in America. The elite will continue to send their children to private schools where they will be taught to be the next political leaders while the majority of America’s children will be indoctrinated into a system of indentured servitude.

When we provide every child in America with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing and directing the individual gifts and talents that every child possesses, we can predict that the government will use federal funding to insure that every child in America will succeed educationally, teacher unions will work with every administration, early childhood education will increase, charter schools will decrease, and community colleges will prepare young adults for a successful future.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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