The Wheels On The Bus

“Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education. Students with involved parents or other caregivers earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills, and show improved behavior.” (NEA)

While it has been posited that charter schools were the beginning of the end of public schools, school choice revealed the need to find alternatives to the failure in public education.

If a child was attending a public school that was failing, parents could elect to send their child to a school that was successful providing there was room at that school.

Because of school choice, children are being bussed out of their neighborhood to attend schools that are not doing much better than their neighborhood school.

Busses start rolling as early as six o’clock in the morning, picking up students all over the city, taking them to schools that provide the same education as the school within walking distance.

Families with more than one school age child can enroll each child in a different school outside of their neighborhood.

With the initiation of common core learning, every school is teaching the same subjects in the same way, at the same time. Why then are children being bussed to different schools?

It is profitable.

Bussing children supports jobs for adults. It supports funding for school districts. It supports profits for bus companies that shore up the economy through fuel consumption, auto manufacturing, insurance, and health and safety regulation and compliance.

Bussing also supports poverty.

A parent whose child or children attend a school outside of their neighborhood with no transportation is less likely to attend parent/teacher conferences. Teachers, who are not reimbursed for their fuel expenses, are less likely to make home visits. Children who ride on overheated busses become lethargic and are less likely to engage in the learning process.

Providing every child with an excellent education in their neighborhood school would solve many of the problems associated with poverty, it would also reduce the profits of the “hedgehogs”.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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