President’s Preside, Governors Govern

This message was sent via e-mail from Governor Cuomo, “Over the last six years, my administration has worked tirelessly to ease the burden on middle class families throughout New York. From cutting property taxes to alleviating student loan debt, we’re continually striving to improve lives and increase economic opportunity for middle class New Yorkers.”

According to the New York State Community Action Association, “. . . there is an unacceptably high poverty rate for children living in New York’s cities, there is a gender wage gap across the state, African Americans and people of Hispanic/Latino background experience poverty at higher rates than people identifying as White and there is not a county in the state that doesn’t have people living in poverty.”

So, why is the governor of New York State working tirelessly to ease the burden of middle class families? Because middle class Americans vote and impoverished Americans do not.

While the media concentration is on president elect Trump, it is the local and state politician that wield the power in this country. The federal government was designed to have the least amount of power since local and state officials were elected by the people to carry the voice of the people to the federal government so that everyone’s concerns were met. Term limits were imposed so that local officials could not be swayed by the money of the elite.

The poverty rate for children living in New York’s cities must be acceptable since Governor Cuomo is more interested in paying off the student loan debt of middle income college students than providing children with an education that will take them out of poverty.

America is supposed to be a country where everyone is equal. It was formed in opposition to the class system that ruled in Europe. Our Constitution was written with the intent of placing control of the government in the hands of the people so that every American would have a voice in the evolution of the country.

American’s are angry over Trump’s election but ignore the governors who are in control.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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