Education Is A Life Or Death Choice

From Governor Cuomo: “I’m proposing a constitutional amendment to once and for all guarantee a woman’s right to choose in New York by enshrining the protections established by the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling into the New York State Constitution.” It is interesting that the governor is willing to propose a constitutional amendment on such […]

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Actively And Forcefully Oppose Ignorance

On January 28, 2017 CommonSenseNY sent out this message: “Fairport CSD Betsy DeVos Resolution… good reasons to just say no…” which is a fifteen point resolution that states that the duly elected School Board of Fairport will “actively and forcefully” oppose the policies and policy makers who “stray from supporting and furthering the true mission […]

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Education Is About Earning Not Learning

If failure wasn’t supported by the State then how can the Rochester City School District get away with spending billions of dollars on failed modernization projects? The Democrat & Chronicle recently reported that 1.3 billion dollars is being spent on school modernization with no accountability. Board president, Van White admits to not knowing what is […]

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The Truth Shall Set Us Free

From Governor Cuomo: “Join us to make New York a safe harbor for the progressive principles that made America. We’ve put forth an aggressive agenda for 2017, including a new economic program to build up and support the middle class, and a New York Promise agenda to protect and advance our progressive values and principles […]

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Once The Barn Door Is Open

The discretization of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary comes after her nomination. If presidential candidates were made to announce their cabinets prior to election all of this would be moot. Now, instead of “hitting the ground running” the country must wait for the Senate to conduct hearings on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of chosen cabinet […]

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Class Is Out – Equality Is In

Mark Hare from Great Schools for All made this statement, “Poor kids in middle class schools have a much better chance at success, and middle class kids in those schools are better off for the experience of diversity.” This is a very confusing statement. Does he believe that there are no “poor” children attending “middle […]

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Truth And Consequences

In the beginning of public education the only work teachers would accept would be the student’s best effort. As well, their writing had to be legible and meet a certain standard of penmanship. If the teacher knew that the child had not offered his or her best penmanship, they would have to return to their […]

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