Educate For The Future

“Studies have shown that the more we use our brain for a wide variety of tasks which stretch it, the more likely we are to hold on to better brain-functioning, even in old age.
The more we are mentally stimulated, the more dendritic branches we create in our brain to inter-connect our brain cells, to improve functioning of our thinking and our memory. This has been found to be an effective way of delaying onset of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly.” (

It seems as though we are paying more attention to secondary and higher education than we pay elementary education.

Though the research shows that early childhood education is necessary for educational success, our children receive very little stimulation in the early years of their education.

Instead of providing a rich and engaging educational experience for our youngest learners, our current system of education prefers to institutionalize them to the “rigors” of learning.

Currently we are forcing children, who’s natural instinct is to learn about their environment through play and experimentation, to sit still, walk in straight lines, constantly repeat the same information, eat the same food at the same time, and dress alike.

It is obvious the “school to prison” pipeline begins at the elementary level with the normalization of unique individuals.

The brain requires stimulation by engaging in a wide variety of tasks yet education at the elementary level does not provide that stimulation. Children are given the same information in the same way every day and tested to see how much of that information was retained. Those who can successfully regurgitate that information are said to be properly educated yet when they enter the secondary level of education they lack the skills necessary to move on to higher education.

When we provide every child with a developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education at the elementary level, that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged adults, we will have secured a more promising future for us all.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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