Why Art?

Paul Robeson said, “Artists are the gatekeepers of truth.”

In order to understand the truth in and of art you must be aware of the nuances and innuendo that color the reality of lies that govern our daily lives.

Zootopia, the newest Disney movie, is an indictment of American society today.

It begins by exposing the complacency of adults who conform to the pressures of life by being what they are told they should be in order to lead a safe and uneventful life. However, it doesn’t stop there.

One must look past the imagery of “cute” bunnies, which in the movie is an offensive stereotype, to see the message the writers and graphic artists are relaying to the audience, “we can all live together as one if we accept and respect our differences without fear and condemnation.”

While the overt message is that anyone can be whatever they choose to be as long as they are willing to work for what they want by discovering their strengths and using them to overcome their weaknesses, there is a deeper truth that is exposed.

Zootopia exposes the truth of hate. It sheds light on the use of drugs on a minority population, the predators, to overcome the evolution of that population by reducing it to its beastly nature in order to spread the fear of predators throughout the larger society.

Deeper still, the movie sheds light on the well intentioned cover-up of the government to contain the spread of fear by incarcerating those infected by the drug.

We know that drugs were introduced to a minority population in order to incite fear of that population so that their subsequent incarceration would be acceptable to the larger population but we have chosen to be complacent to the truth in order to live a happy and carefree life.

The movie, unlike real life, ends happily ever after.

The only way for real life to end happily ever after is to provide every child with an excellent education that includes an understanding of the truth in art.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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