From Blessing To Burden

When a couple first receives the news that they have conceived it is a blessing. They are excited and tell family and friends the good news. They eagerly prepare for the coming event buying baby things, having a baby shower, deciding on baby names. They love the child they have not yet seen or held implicitly.

When the healthy child arrives, the feeling of being blessed is now increased as they hold, cuddle, and kiss their newborn. Their love for their child is immeasurable.

As the child develops, society begins to place its data driven norms on that development, forcing the child into a statistical square regardless of its God given shape. The child is no longer expected to be what he or she was created to be but begins to be judged by percentiles in growth and development.

If the child does not fit within the “normal” percentiles, parents are given the news that there is reason to be concerned. Should the child continue to develop outside the norm, the parents are given options on how best to “normalize” their child. Support groups are joined to help parents adjust to the emotional strain of having their blessing become a burden.

There is a great difference between attending to the needs of a blessing and supporting the needs of a burden.

Too many parents who have been blessed with children who develop outside the norm see their blessing as a burden they must carry for life. Some even blame themselves for the differences of their child. The love they originally felt for their blessing wanes and is replaced with the feeling of responsibility for and to their burden.

When we remove the norm we can change the attitude of society towards children who develop outside the norm. We can continue to see the blessing that offers unconditional love to those that love unconditionally.

A child, regardless of their needs, is always a blessing unless perceived as a burden. A child perceived as a burden is rarely loved unconditionally.

Every child deserves unconditional love.

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