A Common Belief

Should you ask most people if it is better to love than to hate, the answer would be yes.

That being the case, why is this world so filled with hate?

In education, we teach our children to hate who they are by creating a norm that few fit into and classifying as abnormal, all those who exist outside of it.

Standardizing the knowledge that children receive in school is simply a method of qualifying the dehumanizing normed society that makes all those who fall outside the norm hate themselves.

There are commandments in most of the religions that are followed that tell us to love ourselves and love one another. Yet, we choose to follow the laws of man that are in direct opposition to those commandments.

How can a child love who he or she is when they are judged by an artificial norm they cannot possibly be part of?

How can a child love who he or she is when they are constantly reminded that their value in society depends upon the financial status of their parents?

How can a child love who he or she is when they are treated with pity and disdain by their teachers because of the color of their skin or the address on their enrollment form?

Each child that enters our current system of education is taught to hate, either themselves for being different from the norm or others because they represent the norm and are therefore better.

Living life means making decisions. Living a successful life means making good decisions.

A child who grows up believing that they are not worthy of love because they are different from the norm is not likely to make good decisions in their life.

When we change the system of education to provide every child with a developmentally appropriate, experiential, Arts based education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens, our children will share the common belief that it is better to love than to hate.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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