The Benjamins Rule

Aug 6, 2015
Ed Pozzuoli, President of Fort Lauderdale based law firm Tripp Scott, sits down with Betsy DeVos, Chairman of the American Federation for Children, to discuss the school choice movement.

In this interview Ms. DeVos speaks about taking education out of the hands of the public and placing it in the hands of private corporations who have no problem funding their agenda.

In short, it is the intent of the American Federation for Children to “cut out the middle man”, the elected officials corporations have been paying to create the legislation that drives education down their path.

As the voice of the public increases, “hedgehogs” must increase their efforts to control education. This video is evidence of their increased efforts.

Once education is out of the hands of government, no longer publicly funded, Americans will have lost what little control we ever had to raise our voice against the corporate education agenda.

This is what happens when citizens are not actively engaged in controlling themselves, someone or something must control them for “the good of the whole” who are the elite.

What Ms. DeVos is proposing sounds reasonable to a great many people as educational failure increases and humans become slaves to the machines that are designed to think for them, replacing human ingenuity with data driven outcomes.

As education advocates fight to save public education, the corporate agenda appeals to the humanity of the individual by appearing to care about children, magnanimously offering to fund a better system of education by giving parents the opportunity to send their children to better schools.

The fact remains however, that education in America, regardless of the delivery system, is dehumanizing and segregationist and it is the intent of the “hedgehogs” for it to remain so.

Until we fight to save our children from the current system of education by changing it to one that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of all children towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens, we will continue to be ruled by the elite and their money.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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