United We Stand

“Betsy DeVos, president-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary, is a billionaire and conservative mega-donor with no training or experience in public education. She is an ardent supporter of “school choice” privatization schemes, despite a complete lack of evidence that privatizing public schools produces better education.” NEA

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s bio reads, “In 1992, childhood friend and investment banker John W. Rogers, Jr., appointed Duncan director of the Ariel Education Initiative, a program mentoring children at one of the city’s worst-performing elementary schools and then assisting them as they proceeded further in the education system. After the school closed in 1996, Duncan and Rogers were instrumental in re-opening it as a charter school, Ariel Community Academy. In 1999, Duncan was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff for former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas. Wikipedia

The backgrounds of these individuals are similar and their beliefs on education are similar, so why is the NEA opposed to President elect Trump’s choice for education secretary?

It is interesting that an elected president does not have to choose his or her cabinet until after being voted into office.

If the public knows who the candidates will appoint prior to being elected we might have the opportunity to voice our opinion and be heard. However, once the candidate is elected, we have no choice in the matter.

The choice of advisors to the president is important and should not be an afterthought. The public should be informed, prior to the election process, who will advise the president and what their views on the issues of their office are as an integral part of the voting decision.

To reject the presidential cabinet after the election is futile.

It is for this reason that America remains under the control of the “hedgehogs” who purchase the decisions of the “corpoliticos” in order to maintain their control and profit margins.

Until we become knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens, united in the belief that we, the people, are the government, and take responsibility for our self governance, we will have no voice in our country’s leadership.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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