Teaching Respect Will End The Cycle Of Poverty

“Three programs aimed at reducing poverty in the Rochester area will receive significant funding from the state and some large private investments, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a stop Wednesday in Rochester.

In all, $16 million from the state will go to support Monroe Community College’s new Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center at Eastman Business Park, the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection program and a new “Mentors for Success” pilot program by the Rochester-Monroe County Anti-Poverty Initiative.” D&C

Fighting poverty is like fighting crime. Before you can win the fight you have to expose the enemy as a deterrent to a successful life.

There are many organizations that are working to educate and employ individuals caught in the grip of poverty but few attack the psychology behind failure and why it is prevalent.

On the outside, the culture of poverty appears lucrative to those caught in its grip. Why?

In the past, if you lived in poverty the only way to escape was by obtaining a proper education, finding employment and then working diligently to maintain that employment.

Today however, it is easier to “work the system”, remain impoverished, and maintain a lifestyle of deception and hopelessness in order to receive payment for being uneducated, drug addicted, and criminalized.

By accepting their condition of poverty, one can have all their basic needs met through social programs, without having to contribute to the health and wellbeing of themselves or their family.

This is how the “hedgehogs” remain in power and how they maintain their profits. This is the millennium slavery.

By not educating our children to the power of righteousness, we are denying them the ability to break the bonds of the “hedgehogs” and reject the culture of poverty to which they have become accustomed.

We no longer require children to speak properly, write in cursive, or follow the fundamental aspects of respect and common curtesy, a smile, a hello, or a please and thank you when making a request.

Before we can end poverty, we must begin to teach self-respect and respect for others.

Our children deserve this much.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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