Mankind vs Money

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, administration expenditures for public elementary and secondary education in the fiscal year 1919-1920 were $36,752 dollars or 3.5% of the total education budget with instruction receiving $632,556 or 61.0% of the distribution. In the fiscal year 2012-2013 administration rose to $41,238,521 dollars or 6.65% of the total […]

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The Only Viable Solution

There seems to be a growing belief that desegregating schools will solve the educational failure of Black and Brown students in America. What this is saying is that more and better resources and teachers will be given schools if White children attend failing schools to even out their racial make-up. What this also says is […]

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Ending The Cycle Of Poverty

In a blog by Matt Barnum, he states, “. . .income inequality has manifested itself in schooling inequality and segregation, as families of means purchase the right to attend select schools. . . Most troubling is the rise of income segregation. No matter how we slice the data, low-income students are increasingly likely to be […]

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Educate For The Future

“Studies have shown that the more we use our brain for a wide variety of tasks which stretch it, the more likely we are to hold on to better brain-functioning, even in old age. The more we are mentally stimulated, the more dendritic branches we create in our brain to inter-connect our brain cells, to […]

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