We Have The Power

Education Votes printed an article titled, “Iowa teacher: We must empower students to reverse the “Trump Effect”

Diane Ravitch writes, “DeVos Family Values: Money, Power, and Rightwing Politics”

“Washington Post: Russian Propagandists Responsible for Pro-Trump Fake News”, Ravitch

Michigan Democratic Party posted this article, “MDP Statement on Trump’s Appointment of Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education.”

The ACLU wrote, “ACLU Raises Serious Concerns Over Nomination of DeVos for Secretary of Education | ACLU of Michigan”

Metro Justice is calling for, “National Day of Disruption Against Trump Agenda”

It seems that none of these individuals, groups, or publications understand that it is unnecessary to protest against the leaders of this country, they need only respond to the documents listed in the Federal Register that announces every action the federal government wishes to undertake.

The federal government is obligated to adhere to the voice of the people when given their input in response to the issues put forth in the Federal Register. The people need only read through the documents listed, find their particular area of interest and respond with their comments and concerns.

It is the lack of response by the American people to these documents that allows the government to succumb to the voice of the “corpoliticos” and enact legislation that is unacceptable or detrimental to the will of the people.

Education advocates would do better rallying the people to become actively involved in their government by taking advantage of the opportunity to voice their concerns with and objections to any federal legislation, decisions, or regulations that are outlined in the Federal Register before they become enacted, than forming small groups of marchers, rebelling against a decision that has already been made.

When we begin to properly educate our children, providing a developmentally appropriate, experiential, Arts based education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming actively engaged citizens who appreciate the freedoms the Federal Register promotes, we will then realize that “we, the people of the United States” are the government and are able to properly govern ourselves.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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