Concentrate On The Child – The Money Will Follow

In her post, “Trump’s Plan for American Education Will Destroy Community Public Schools” Diane Ravitch writes, “Carol Burris, veteran educator and executive director of the Network for Public Education, writes here about what the new Trump administration plans to do to American education. She foresees that President Obama’s “Race to the Top” will turn into President Trump’s “Race to the Bank,” as for-profit entrepreneurs find ways to cash in on the education industry. The ultimate goal is the elimination of public schools, which are a cornerstone of a democratic society.

This comes from a post by Valerie Strauss who quotes Carol Burris as saying,

“The plan on the Trump-Pence website promotes redirecting $20 billion in federal funds from local school districts and instead having those dollars follow the child to the school of their choice — private, charter or public. States that have laws promoting vouchers and charters would be “favored” in the distribution of grants. Like Obama’s Race the Top, the competition for federal funds that states could enter by promising to follow Obama-preferred reforms, a Trump plan could use financial incentives to impose a federal vision on states.”

Public schools are not the “cornerstone of a democratic society” they are a haven for the promotion of political propaganda through the standardization and dehumanization of our children.

There is already a “federal vision” for education that is being imposed on state and local education agencies, it is known as common core, both a Republican and Democratic supported ideal.

Education is already a “race to the bank” for the “hedgehogs” who use “corpoliticos” to force their agenda of ignorance and hate on public, private, and charter schools.

Trump’s plan of having educational dollars follow the child makes the child valuable to the schools, with private, public, and charter schools now providing better services as they compete for their educational dollars.

The stronghold on education is currently in the hands of the government, which is controlled by the “hedgehogs” who own the “corpoliticos”, not the people.

Our children deserve to be valued, by every means necessary, even Trump.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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