America The Bully-full

A recent post in The Atlantic by Richard D. Kahlenberg and Clifford Janey, former superintendent of the Rochester City School District stated,

“Democracy is producing a genuine threat to the American form of self-government.”

The American form of self-government is to allow their political party to tell them how and for whom to vote.

The article continues, “Public schools are failing at what the nation’s founders saw as education’s most basic purpose: preparing young people to be reflective citizens who would value liberty and democracy and resist the appeals of demagogues.”

The “corpolitico hedgehogs” have changed the intent of public education to “college and career readiness”, the millennial form of indentured servitude.

“The Founders wanted voters to be educated so they could discern serious leaders of high character from con men who do not have the nation’s interests at heart. Beyond that, public education in the United States was also meant to instill a love of liberal democracy: a respect for the separation of powers, for a free press and free religious exercise, and for the rights of political minorities. Educating common people was the answer to the oligarchs who said the average citizen could not be trusted to choose leaders wisely.”

Abraham Lincoln said, “A nation divided against itself will not stand” and yet we are divided by the political parties that bully all Americans into believing that they must be a Democrat or a Republican instead of an Independent thinker, knowing and understanding the issues and then voting their conscience, not their party.

This election has proven that we are divided against ourselves and the rest of the world is noticing that America isn’t the greatest country in the world and our system of government is a “red herring” distracting its citizens from the reality that we are all under the control of money mongers.

Our system of education reduces our children to data bits and dollar signs. It dehumanizes and desensitizes them, causing them to harm their neighbor and hate themselves.

Change the system, change the result.

Don’t hate, Educate!

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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