I Pledge Allegiance

To educate, or teach, is to lead to knowledge.” Webster’s

Can we, as a nation, truly say that we are leading our children to knowledge?

Educate: To develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction.

Are our children developing mentally, morally, or aesthetically by the instruction of our current system of education?

Educate: To persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way.

This is Webster’s third definition, which is generally the least likely accepted yet the most relevant for today’s system of education.

Schooling: The cost of instruction and maintenance at school.

This is what America actually provides its children, schooling, not an education.

We speak of saving schools, but not our children.

We work diligently to gather support to end standardized testing, but not to end the standardization of our children to an artificial norm that does nothing more than create profits for the “hedgehogs” by persuading Americans to feel that the money spent on actually educating a child is more important than the child.

Words are meaningful, words are powerful. And, while we pledge allegiance to a flag, we have no allegiance to our children who are being made ignorant in a system that is supposed to produce leaders.

There are Americans who believe that our new president will lead this country to disaster and those who believe that he will “make America great” again.

Neither is true but they have been educated to believe that what they think is true regardless of the facts.

Americans believe this because they have been persuaded to vote for a personality, a party, but not a leader.

Republicans were elated that a man they did not want as their candidate won the election.

Democrats chose their candidate because she is a female.

“For the fourth time in American history the president-elect lost the popular vote. Credit the electoral college” The New York Times

The winners were all Republican.

Maybe, instead of pledging allegiance to a flag, we should pledge our allegiance to our children and work diligently to save them.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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