And It Begins

It is interesting that people believe that President Trump will have a negative effect on education and that Clinton would have been an ally to education advocates.

While Trump is not concerned with education policy and will most likely relinquish decisions in that area to his advisors, Clinton is a staunch supporter of charters, both public and private, but more importantly, a very real advocate of standardized testing and the common core initiative.

To believe that either political party, Democrat or Republican, would be willing to change a system as lucrative as education is to believe that either party has the best interest of the American public in their decision and law making process.

As Trump takes over the presidency in January, the controversy over education policy will wane and the fight to save schools and end testing will end until the next school year.

Democrats will argue that Clinton would have done a better job and Republicans will attest to the fact that Trump did a better job when neither is true.

Both Democrats and Republicans wish to maintain the current system of education that keeps the general public satisfied with the endless fight for educational equality and ignorant of the reality that there should be no political party in America, land of the free, controlling education at all.

We will not fight to end the system of education even though we know it is unjust, racist, and dehumanizing, forcing our children into a world where they are only valued by their, sex, male, race, white, and income, upper-middle class.

This will not change because regardless of the political party elected, the “corpoliticos” run our government and enslave our children to their future ignorance, believing that one party is better than another and that one will effect change in a system that creates profits for both.

When we decide, as Americans, as the people, as the government, to fight to save our children, we will no longer look to a political party for strength but realize our power as a united America.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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