Paving The Road With Good Intentions

In the latest GS4A newsletter Jeff Linn wrote, “To all our suburban friends: We need your help” calling for support of their plan to integrate schools through an Urban/Suburban program. “Our Great Schools For All (GS4A) group wants what is best for all children: equity realized through socially integrated magnet schools.”

He writes, “. . . critics of our plan tell us to embrace school choice and other options. But that is a false choice because our kids cannot choose Brighton, Penfield, or Webster. They can only choose another school where more than 80 percent of their peers are poor.”

If poverty is the issue, then “their kids” are also poor and an urban/suburban program will only “save” a small portion of that population.

What about all the other poor children in failing city schools?

He continues, “We desperately need our suburban allies to help rectify these educational inequities. We cannot do it without you because you have the power both financially and politically to move us forward. . . If the suburbs advocate for change it can happen.”

Without realizing it, Mr. Linn has made an extremely racist statement, believing that suburbanites, because of their money, have the power to effect change where poor, inner-city parents do not.

This is America, where everyone is supposed to be equal, regardless of race, color, religion, or financial status. It is evident Mr. Linn does not believe this.

It is not enough to “save” a few poor children from the disenfranchisement of city schools. If GS4A truly wanted to effect change they would unite both city and suburban residents and call for a change in our current system of education that supports the idea and ideal that money is power and children have no value other than that of their parents financial status.

Bussing children out of their neighborhood so that a few can attend “good” schools is insane.

We must work together to change the system of education so that it concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the individual gifts and talents of ALL CHILDREN regardless of where they live.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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