The Message Is Being Received

On October 26, 2016 stevenmsinger posted this blog,

“Standardizing Whiteness: the Essential Racism of Standardized Testing”
It states, “Your rich white kids will have no problem jumping through these hoops. But your poor black and brown kids will stumble and fall – just as planned.
This is what has become of our public schools.
This is corporate education reform.
This is our racist, classist school system.
And it’s all based on standardized testing – a perfectly legal system of normalizing rich whiteness.”

It is interesting Mr. Singer describes testing as “jumping through these hoops” without realizing that rich white kids are also being trained to adhere to racists beliefs as is every other child in America.

Racism is perpetuated in our system of education, a fact which we don’t seem to truly understand the implications of for all of our children.

Our entire country has been brainwashed to believe that money is power and that with money comes intelligence. We accept the notion that the rich and famous are somehow more knowledgeable than everyone else yet are held to a lower standard of humanity because of their fame and fortune.

Such is the case involving Richard “R.J.” Vanecko who assaulted 21-year-old David Koschman who later died from his injuries. Vanecko “entered into a plea deal, sentencing him to 60 days in jail in McHenry County, then 60 days of home confinement for involuntary manslaughter. In addition to 30 months of probation, Vanecko must also apologize to Koschman’s mother and pay her $20,000 in restitution. In Illinois, involuntary manslaughter usually carries a sentence minimum of two to five years.”

All of America and its children are systematically being programmed to believe that rich is good and poor is bad, erasing the humanity from their beliefs and their behavior, placing all of us in the enslavement of ignorance.

When we work together to remove education from the pockets of the “corpoliticos” we can begin to build a fair and just system that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents of our children so they understand they are more valuable than money.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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