Save Our Children From Corporate Reform

BACKPACK FULL OF CASH, narrated by Matt Damon is the newest attempt by education advocates to rally the public in the fight against the privatization of public education.

It states, “The film examines major threats to public education from the movement for market based reform, including the rapid growth of privately-run charter schools, vouchers and tax credit “scholarships”, cyber charter schools, standardized testing, and the attack on teachers. 

One of our goals, as filmmakers, is to emphasize the importance of just, fair public schools that are places of hope for children of all backgrounds.”

Matt Damon has long supported public education as his mother was a public school teacher. He even spoke at the first “Save Our Schools” rally.

In an interview with Damon the Washington Post wrote, “The best way to understand what is happening is by looking at how corporate reform affects schools, teachers and children . . .”

The most important aspect of the dangers of corporate reform is not what is happening to schools, or teachers, it is what the system of education, which has been controlled by corporate reform long before the charter school revolution, is doing to our children, yet they are listed last in the order of importance in the Post.

Corporate reform of education came shortly after the integration of public schools when the goal of education changed from creating an enlightened populous to providing a viable workforce for our industrialized, economized, nation.

We moved from the idea that every child should receive a “proper” education that led them to their personal choice for individual success to a “college and career” path that pushed graduates into management or labor positions with little choice for the discovery of the gifts and talents all children possess, necessary for following a path of entrepreneurship.

Corporate reform was intended to suppress the individual spirit and replace it with a normed society that thinks only of making and spending money thereby insuring their profits.

Education reform must be about our children, not schools, not teachers, children, and the gifts and talents they all possess.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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