Education Must Be Civil

“A civil right is an enforceable right or privilege, which if interfered with by another gives rise to an action for injury. Examples of civil rights are freedom of speech, press, and assembly; the right to vote; freedom from involuntary servitude; and the right to equality in public places.

Discrimination occurs when the civil rights of an individual are denied or interfered with because of their membership in a particular group or class. Various jurisdictions have enacted statutes to prevent discrimination based on a person’s race, sex, religion, age, previous condition of servitude, physical limitation, national origin, and in some instances sexual orientation.” Legal Information Institute

“Achievement gaps occur when one group of students (such as, students grouped by race/ethnicity, gender) outperforms another group and the difference in average scores for the two groups is statistically significant (that is, larger than the margin of error). NCES explored the achievement gaps between Black and White, and Hispanic and White, students using NAEP data to illuminate patterns and changes in these gaps over time, and identify factors that might underlie such gaps. . . NCES

The group by which every other group is measured is white, middle-income students. The “achievement gap” in education denies and interferes with the education of every student considered to be in a “subgroup”.

Because we measure the performance of all children against the performance of middle-income white students every other group must “perform” like a middle-income white student or be recognized as less educable and in many cases classified as learning disabled, having behavioral disorders, or being other health impaired.

Public education, as it currently exists, is not only dehumanizing, standardizing and discriminatory, it is also illegal according to the Civil Right Act.

We must change the system of education so that it provides every child a developmentally appropriate, experiential, Arts based education, concentrated on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens who know and understand that we, as humans, have the right to be individuals.

We must protect the civil rights of all children.

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We Have The Power

Education Votes printed an article titled, “Iowa teacher: We must empower students to reverse the “Trump Effect”

Diane Ravitch writes, “DeVos Family Values: Money, Power, and Rightwing Politics”

“Washington Post: Russian Propagandists Responsible for Pro-Trump Fake News”, Ravitch

Michigan Democratic Party posted this article, “MDP Statement on Trump’s Appointment of Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education.”

The ACLU wrote, “ACLU Raises Serious Concerns Over Nomination of DeVos for Secretary of Education | ACLU of Michigan”

Metro Justice is calling for, “National Day of Disruption Against Trump Agenda”

It seems that none of these individuals, groups, or publications understand that it is unnecessary to protest against the leaders of this country, they need only respond to the documents listed in the Federal Register that announces every action the federal government wishes to undertake.

The federal government is obligated to adhere to the voice of the people when given their input in response to the issues put forth in the Federal Register. The people need only read through the documents listed, find their particular area of interest and respond with their comments and concerns.

It is the lack of response by the American people to these documents that allows the government to succumb to the voice of the “corpoliticos” and enact legislation that is unacceptable or detrimental to the will of the people.

Education advocates would do better rallying the people to become actively involved in their government by taking advantage of the opportunity to voice their concerns with and objections to any federal legislation, decisions, or regulations that are outlined in the Federal Register before they become enacted, than forming small groups of marchers, rebelling against a decision that has already been made.

When we begin to properly educate our children, providing a developmentally appropriate, experiential, Arts based education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming actively engaged citizens who appreciate the freedoms the Federal Register promotes, we will then realize that “we, the people of the United States” are the government and are able to properly govern ourselves.

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Concentrate On The Child – The Money Will Follow

In her post, “Trump’s Plan for American Education Will Destroy Community Public Schools” Diane Ravitch writes, “Carol Burris, veteran educator and executive director of the Network for Public Education, writes here about what the new Trump administration plans to do to American education. She foresees that President Obama’s “Race to the Top” will turn into President Trump’s “Race to the Bank,” as for-profit entrepreneurs find ways to cash in on the education industry. The ultimate goal is the elimination of public schools, which are a cornerstone of a democratic society.

This comes from a post by Valerie Strauss who quotes Carol Burris as saying,

“The plan on the Trump-Pence website promotes redirecting $20 billion in federal funds from local school districts and instead having those dollars follow the child to the school of their choice — private, charter or public. States that have laws promoting vouchers and charters would be “favored” in the distribution of grants. Like Obama’s Race the Top, the competition for federal funds that states could enter by promising to follow Obama-preferred reforms, a Trump plan could use financial incentives to impose a federal vision on states.”

Public schools are not the “cornerstone of a democratic society” they are a haven for the promotion of political propaganda through the standardization and dehumanization of our children.

There is already a “federal vision” for education that is being imposed on state and local education agencies, it is known as common core, both a Republican and Democratic supported ideal.

Education is already a “race to the bank” for the “hedgehogs” who use “corpoliticos” to force their agenda of ignorance and hate on public, private, and charter schools.

Trump’s plan of having educational dollars follow the child makes the child valuable to the schools, with private, public, and charter schools now providing better services as they compete for their educational dollars.

The stronghold on education is currently in the hands of the government, which is controlled by the “hedgehogs” who own the “corpoliticos”, not the people.

Our children deserve to be valued, by every means necessary, even Trump.

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From The Federal Register

Agency Information Collection Activities; Comment Request; ED School Climate Surveys National Benchmark Study 2017 Partial Cancellation Change Request

“Abstract: The ED School Climate Surveys are a suite of survey instruments being developed for schools, districts, and states by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.

This national effort extends current activities that measure school climate, including the state-level efforts of the Safe and Supportive Schools grantees, which were awarded funds in 2010 by the ED’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students to improve school climate.

Through the EDSCLS, schools nationwide will have access to survey instruments and a survey platform that will allow for the collection and reporting of school climate data across stakeholders at the local level. The surveys can be used to produce school-, district-, and state-level scores on various indicators of school climate from the perspectives of students, teachers, noninstructional school staff and principals, and parents and guardians.

The 2017 national EDSCLS benchmark study data collection from a nationally representative sample of schools across the United States to create a national comparison point for users of EDSCLS was last approved in May 2016 with revisions to scope and timeline approved in July and September 2016. . .

Because, to date the study’s projected overall unweighted participation rate is far below the 50% response rate recommended by NCES Statistical Standards, NCES is requesting to cancel any further recruitment and the EDSCLS National Benchmark Study 2017 as soon as possible.

NCES will still offer to conduct the EDSCLS survey in the schools that opted to participate in a universe sample of all of their school’s eligible respondents.”

With fewer than half the schools surveyed responding, how do the ED School Climate Surveys represent a national sample of schools?

Why wouldn’t the Department of Education cancel the survey altogether and spend those educational dollars effectively educating children?

When we provide every child a developmentally appropriate, experiential education, founded in the Arts, that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their individual gifts and talents towards becoming respectful, responsible human beings, the school climate in all schools will be more positive.

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An American Stand

It is interesting that since the election of Donald Trump disgruntled Americans are now calling for the end to the electoral college.

Would they be just as eager to end this undemocratic system if the situation was reversed, Trump winning the popular vote and Clinton being elected by the system?

The electoral college was put in place because, at the time, the people were not educated enough to elect a competent candidate to the presidency and that sentiment holds true today.

Nearly half of Americans registered to vote chose not to, “41.8 percent didn’t vote, while 58.2 percent did.” Heavy

Of those who did vote, many voted for Clinton simply because she is a woman. Many voted for her because of their Democratic party affiliation. Very few who voted, voted on the issues or where their candidate stood on those issues.

The American public is ignorant of how politics works in America or how their government works. We begrudgingly give up one-third of our earned income to taxes without bothering to know and understand how those taxes are spent.

Americans ignore the influence of lobbyists on political decisions and lawmaking and look the other way when the news exposes instances of the corporate purchase of sitting elected officials.

The American public is still not ready to control the government with its vote. We do not take our obligations as citizens seriously.

Instead of removing the electoral college we should remove both the Republican and Democratic parties that have been controlling our government since it was formed.

To become an independent nation we must all be independent thinkers, not relying on others who “know” to tell us what to think and how to vote.

When we provide every child in America with an excellent education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing their gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgeable, actively engaged citizens of these United States then we can remove the electoral college and the party system of government that keeps us under the control of Republican and Democratic “corpoliticos” who are paid by unAmerican “hedgehogs”.

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21st Century Thinking

Season 4, Episode 18, of the television show “Scrubs” shows one of the main characters, Dr. Cox, telling his best friend that his son was “autistic”. It was a very touching scene where the father denied that his child had a “problem” but them accepted the news and asked for help.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when a doctor relayed the news to a parent that their child was “autistic”, was instead, able to tell them, with joy, that their child displayed a distinctive gift at two years old to be able to distinguish between a range of colors and apply that distinction to a specific pattern. As well, your child can achieve a level of concentration on that pattern that other two year old children have difficulty achieving.

Yes, it was important in the past to recognize that children who differed drastically from the norm were identified and served mentally, physically, emotionally, and educationally. However, we can now move beyond the thinking of the 20th century to display a more positive belief about our children, that they are all gifted and talented in their own way and that we, as adults must begin to recognize the importance of their contributions to the whole in order to achieve true evolution of the species.

Once we change our current system of education from identifying disabilities to discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents all children possess, we can move forward towards the peace that surpasses all understanding, one that does not cost but is truly free indeed.

This is why the “hedgehogs” maintain their control over the world population.

Peace is not profitable.

Righteousness does not rely on money to achieve power but is a power all its own.

Love cannot be bought or sold but given freely, honestly, not physically but spiritually.

Our children deserve to live the life our forefathers intended, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

They fought against the “hedgehogs” to gain their freedom from tyranny.

We must fight against the “hedgehogs” to gain freedom for our children’s educational future.

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Don’t Ask Questions – Demand Change

“We will continue to encourage and empower community members to advocate for their children, by opting out of the state tests and focusing on the local level as the expansion of standardized computer learning and testing threatens the whole-child education our children deserve. Parents need to ask their school districts why money and resources are being spent on computerized learning and testing and what research these practices are based in.” NYSAPE

NYSAPE should begin to encourage parents and community members to advocate for their children by demanding the system of education be changed from punitive to positive by concentrating on a child’s gifts and talents instead of their disabilities.

When parents ask their school districts why money and resources are being spent on computerized learning and testing they will learn that “hedgehogs” are financially supporting districts who do so by providing them with free computers and software. SEA’s and LEA’s who invest in CIT and STEM programs receive grant funding from the federal government, which also helps to shore up their enormous budgets that support hundred thousand dollar salaries, benefits, and perks for administrators and superintendents who have little to no contact with the children they are paid to educate while overseeing failing schools and districts.

Education is a huge money maker that supports the financial success of adults and the educational failure of children.

American citizens should ask why more federal and state education dollars are spent supporting post secondary higher education instead of providing every elementary and secondary student an excellent, developmentally appropriate, Arts based, experiential education that concentrates on discovering, developing, and directing the gifts and talents they possess.

There seems to be more concern about saving public education than saving the children that are being herded into the slavery of an economic system of government that relies on the social programs educational failure secure to support the profits of the “hedgehogs” used by “corpoliticos” to insure, for decades to come, the ignorance of the American public that allows their system to remain in place.

Children deserve more from us.

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