Money To Learn

Join the National Day of Action for Full Funding of ESSA Student Success
By Jodi Peterson

Science educators, teacher leaders, and others in the STEM education community are encouraged to join thousands of K-12 educators, counselors, technology specialists, and librarians on October 26 for the national “Day of Action” to urge Congress to fully fund the flexible block grant (Student Support and Academic Enrichment Title IV, Part A) recently authorized in the Every Student Succeeds Act.
The Student Support and Academic Enrichment block grant is designed to ensure that high needs districts have access to programs that foster safe and healthy students, provide students with a well-rounded education . . .

This grant is not designed to provide and excellent education to all students but to support programs “that foster safe and healthy students” and while this is a noble goal, a more noble goal would be to foster safe, healthy, knowledgeable students.

As well, we must ask, “What exactly is a “well-rounded education?” other than an ambiguous term that can be defined and confined in any number of ways.

The federal government does not need more tax dollars that can be funneled into the coffers of “hedgehogs”. Grants that serve only a small population of students rarely benefit our entire student population.

Billions of dollars are granted to a small number of States and even less trickles down to local education agencies that deal directly with children.

Most educational grant funding is spent on administrative costs with very little addressing student achievement.

For the “hedgehogs” “the effective use of technology in our nation’s schools” means more data collection through the use of computers designed to capture economic data from our children they can use to guide spending to increase their profits.

More money is not the answer. Fiduciary accountability is.

We must stop the “carte blanche” spending of our federal, state, and local governments on programs that will enrich the elite and begin to spend educational tax dollars on providing every child in America with an excellent education that recognizes and respects their gifts and talents.

Join the Movement to Save Our Children!

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